Aerosols for the throat


The pharmacological action of the aerosol, Angilex (Givalex), is based on its composition, which includes the local antiseptics hexetidine and chlorobutanol hemihydrate, as well as the derivative of salicylic acid (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug), choline salicylate.

Hexetidine (5-methyl-hexahydropyrimidinamine) acts on pathogenic microorganisms bacteriostatically, disrupting their metabolism. Chlorobutanol hemihydrate (1-trichloro-2-methylpropan-2-ol) is a chlorinated butyl alcohol used as a chemical preservative, a sedative and a weak analgesic topical agent. A choline salicylate, like any NSAID, removes inflammation, reducing the activity of cyclooxygenase and, thereby, reducing the production of prostaglandins (inflammatory mediators).

Aerosol from sore throat Hexoral also contains hexetidine. And in the preparation of Stopangin, except hexetidine, contains a derivative of salicylic acid methylsalicylate (has anti-inflammatory properties) and essential oils: eucalyptus, menthol, clove and sassafras. About the last oil in the official instruction there is no detailed information, therefore about it it is necessary to say a few words. Oil from the roots of the tree Sassafras officinale contains safrole – phenylpropanoid, which is the precursor (precursor) of psychotropic and narcotic drugs.

The pharmacodynamics of the aerosol of Septolete plus is based on two components: the cationic surfactant ammonium derivative cetylpyridinium chloride and the local anesthetic benzocaine (with benzocaine in the preparation 5 times greater than the antiseptic). The antiseptic is cetylpyridinium chloride, which, when bound to the membrane of a bacterial cell, breaks its integrity and enters the cytoplasm of bacteria, causing their death. And benzocaine relieves pain by blocking the passage of painful impulses along axons.

Anti-inflammatory and analgesic action of the Tantum Verde means provides NSAIDs for topical use – benzidamine hydrochloride, which reduces the permeability of capillaries of the mucous membrane, promotes the stabilization of cell membranes of epithelial cells, and also reduces the production of tissue mediators of inflammation (Pg). The analgesic effect of this drug is due to a reduction in the synthesis of neurotransmitters at the site of inflammation.

The mechanism of pharmacological action of the aerosol TeraFlu Lar is similar to the drug Sepotlet plus, since its active substance – antiseptic benzoxonium chloride – also refers to ammonium derivatives, and the lidocaine hydrochloride anesthetic inhibits the occurrence and conduct of pain impulses.

Aerosol from the throat with antibiotic Bioparox has in its composition an antibiotic fusafungin – cyclohexadechipptide, obtained from fusarium lateritium fungi (Fusarium lateritium or Gibberella baccata). On bacteria, the drug acts bacteriostatically, embedded in the protein shells of microbial cells, disrupting the water-electrolyte balance and the ability to divide cells of microorganisms causing inflammation.

Another aerosol from the throat with antibiotic – Anginovag – contains just four active substances. First, it is a polypeptide antibiotic for topical application of tirotricin (obtained from gram-positive spore-forming bacteria of the genus Brevibacillus). Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal (Candida albicans) properties are characterized by the antiseptic of the ammonium group of dequalinium chloride, which also removes inflammation. The active substance enoxolone, which is a complex of triterpene glycosides of glycyrrhizic acid of licorice roots, also contributes to the reduction of inflammatory processes (including herpesvirus etiology). Enoxalon not only prevents the penetration of viruses into the cells of the mucosal epithelium, but also stops the replication of their RNA.

Aerosol Anginovag contains glucocorticosteroid hydrocortisone, which suppresses all inflammation processes and inhibits oxidative processes in cells and the development of allergic reactions. So it can be used as an aerosol from an allergy in the throat. Anesthesia occurs due to the presence in the aerosol of the lidocaine mentioned above.

Farmakodinamiku aerosol for the throat Kameton provide such components: camphor (stimulates blood circulation, disinfects the mucous membrane); eucalyptus oil (contains monocyclic terpene cineole, which is a strong antiseptic); chlorobutanol (see above) and levomenthol. Levomenthol is an isomer of menthol, and its local anesthetic effect is caused by the expansion of the capillaries of the mucous membrane, in which there is a feeling of “mint cold”.

Go for the Throat is the tenth studio album recorded by the English rock band Humble Pie and the second with the new lineup including, guitarist and vocalist Steve Marriott, drummer Jerry Shirley, American bassist Anthony “Sooty” Jones and vocalist and guitarist, Bobby Tench from The Jeff Beck Group. Marriott also brought in backing vocalists Marge Raymond, Dana Kral and Robin Beck, once again looking for a more authenthic and refined R&B sound and feel. Go For The Throat was released by Atco in 1981 and the new version of “Tin Soldier” reached #58 in the US single charts. A promotional tour started but was curtailed after Marriott damaged his wrist and shortly afterwards suffered from a duodenal ulcer.

The band toured the album after it had been released. At the beginning of the tour, earlier scheduled appearances by the band were delayed and later Marriott became ill, forcing the cancellation of all further tour dates. Soon afterwards Humble Pie disbanded, after Go For The Throat they were dropped by their record label due to contractual differences

Track listing

Side One

  1. “All Shook Up” (Otis Blackwell, Elvis Presley) 2:40
  2. “Teenage Anxiety” (Marriott) 4:44
  3. “Tin Soldier” (Marriott, Ronnie Lane) 3:09
  4. “Keep It on the Island” (Marriott, Shirley) 3:54
  5. “Driver” (Marriott) 3:19

Side Two

  1. “Restless Blood” (Richard Supa) 4:04
  2. “Go for the Throat” (Marriott, Tench) 3:59
  3. “Lottie and the Charcoal Queen” (Marriott, Shirley) 4:37
  4. “Chip Away the Stone” (Richard Supa) 4:55 (Aerosmith cover)


  • Steve Marriott – Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Jerry Shirley – Drums, Percussion
  • Anthony “Sooty” Jones – Bass, Vocals
  • Bob Tench – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals


  • Robin Beck – Vocals
  • Maxine Dixon – Vocals
  • Dana Kral – Vocals
  • Gary Lyons – Producer


“Tin Soldier”/”Go for the Throat”


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Very often adults do not have time to rinseSore throat with sore throat, acute respiratory viral infection or cold, therefore, various aerosols and tablets are used for treatment, which must be resorbed. These drugs can be taken to fight bacteria, and to reduce pain.

The use of aerosols for the treatment of the throat is becoming more popular, since hoarseness of voice and pain interfere with the work, therefore it is necessary to take fast-acting effective measures.

Variety of tools

Due to the fact that there are several reasonsThe occurrence of diseases in the throat, and the location of the inflammation may be different, then it is worth considering drugs designed to combat various pathogens (viruses, bacteria) that can help with specific symptoms.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a good aerosol to treat your throat, based on its principle of action:

  • anesthesia;
  • Softening or moisturizing;
  • Destruction of pathogens;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.

Popular aerosols from sore throat

Most often the sore throat pershit, sadnit, it hurts when swallowing and long conversation. Reduce the pain will help these drugs:

  • Cameton;
  • Tera Fly Lar;
  • Tantum Verde;
  • Hexoral;
  • Tharyngept.

Aerosols for moistening the throat

When there is a feeling of dryness, perspiration and breaking the voice, the inflamed mucous membrane must be moistened. This can be done with such aerosols for the throat:

  • Aerosol with propolis;
  • Kampo;
  • Sporangin;
  • Inhaliptus.

But it is better to use specially designed for this purpose:

  • Lugol;
  • An oil solution of chlorophyllipt;
  • Vitaon;
  • Peach oil.

Antiseptic and antiviral aerosols

To cure a throat, you first need to find out what exactly caused the disease, this will help determine which drugs will be effective for treatment.

If it is a bacterial angina, then an aerosol with an antibiotic, for example, Bioparox, should be used to treat the throat. Also fight against bacteria well:

  • Inhaliptus;
  • Chlorophyllipt;
  • Strepsils.

There are also universal agents that help both against viral and bacterial infections. It:

  • Hexoral;
  • Oracept;
  • Angilex.

Due to the fact that the aerosol helps to deliver the medicine directly to the affected area, in contrast to the oral administration of medications, the use of this method of treatment will accelerate the process of recovery.

Disease is a very unpleasant condition, but it’s unbearable to watch how a child suffers.The pain in the throat gives the kids a lot of unpleasant moments, so the parents try their best to ease the condition of their children.

Spray preparations help with pain and irritation in the throat – they quickly get on the inflamed surface, actively soften it, relieve pain and dryness, promote fast recovery and are very well tolerated by most children.However, the use of medicines in the form of a spray should be agreed with the attending physician and strictly take into account the age of the small patient.

Purpose and rules for the application of spray to the throat children

sprays goals have different properties, and are prescribed depending on the cause of the sore throat

spray form is most favorable to use, especially for children, Since it helps to deliver the active substance directly to the focus of inflammation.However, when using conventional sprays, there is a risk of getting the drug deep into the child’s respiratory tract due to the fact that it is sprayed with too strong a stream.

This is why the safest throat spray for Aqua Maris children was allowed for use only from the age of three.But now there are already preparations with finely dispersed spraying, which can be used almost from the moment of birth.Among the most famous and popular means of this type is Aqualor.

Children’s spray to be effective, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing effect, be fully hypoallergenic, does not affect toxic and irritating to the delicate mucous membrane of the throat of a young child.

The most safe and effective means of spraying a baby is a preparation based on sea water – purified and placed in a special device for spraying, enriched with medicinal compounds.Such a spray does not cause side effects, but will help quickly remove severe pain and sore throat, reduce dryness and irritation in the pharynx.

Drugs in sprays are designed for any age of a small patient, have different composition and are focused on solving problems of different levels.

moisturizing and cleaning products based on sea water designed to alleviate a sore throat and clear the accumulated mucus from the nasal passages, anti-inflammatory sprays quickly removed the redness, swelling and inflammation in the throat, antibiotics include antibiotics that inhibit the growth and activity of pathogenic microflora.

Learn more about how to treat a sore throat in children can learn from the video:

Read also: safe treatment for laryngitis in children, complications

use authorized agents in aerosols for children under six months isOne important feature: spray the drug only in the nose, so that its smallest particles flow down the back wall of the nasopharynx and fall on the “sick” part of the mucous membranes of the throat.

If spray spray directly into the throat to such a young child, who still can not manage on their own breathing, to detain him, to inhale and exhale at the adult team, then getting the smallest particles of the drug into the bronchi and lungs can cause a dangerous condition – bronchospasm.

Types and description of wetting and cleaning sprays

Aqua Maris – effective cleansing, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing spray throat

Formulations moisturizing group have as the base marine purified water, promote the rapid removal of edema,Inflammation and redness, soften the throat, remove plaque and help the rapid regeneration of damaged mucous membranes.

The most popular spray for children’s throat is Akvalor.This product can be used even for very young children, but the crumbs under the age of six months, it is sprayed into the nose only, as these kids still can not control your breathing and getting a large amount of funds into the respiratory tract can cause bronchospasm.When spraying in the nose, the solution flows down the walls of the nasopharynx, simultaneously softening and cleaning them.The product includes an extract of aloe vera, a plant known for its anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties, as well as an extract of chamomile, which acts as an antiseptic topical.In addition, aloe vera has in its composition biologically active substances, which act as immunomodulators, which strengthen the immunity of the baby.

Aqua Maris – colorless, transparent drug for wetting and washing the nose and throat with emollient, cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties.Aqua Maris in the spray can be applied from 12 months of age.Excellent for washing inflamed mucous membranes and softening dry crusts.

Spray throat antibiotic

Spray throat antibiotic used in the event that the disease was caused

bacterial infection In the presence of bacterial infection conventional softening and cleaning sprays for complete cure may beIs not enough.In this case, you will need to use a throat spray for children containing an antibiotic. This is a risky drug, so you can not choose it for your own child, it should only be done by a pediatrician taking into account all potential complications of the baby.

Antibiotics are not prescribed to infants, this can only be done by a physician under vital signs.

Types sprays:

  • One of the commonly used drugs with antibiotics, are produced in a spray for children is Bioparox. This drug is usually chosen by a doctor to treat children older than 30 months in cases where other drugs have not proved to be effective.Use no more than 4 times during the day, 2 to 4 sprayings.
  • Polydex and Oktenisept – drugs with antibacterial activity, which are widely used in the treatment of for the treatment of a number of respiratory diseases, including to kill bacteria with inflammation in the throat.
  • In some cases, doctors recommend combining several aerosol formulations for mixed use, as they will be more effective.Often, such treatment is required for combined infections, when several pathogens coexist, for example, bacteria and fungi or fungi and viruses.For example, doctors often advise on the use of Miramistin in combination with antibiotics to enhance the effect and increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Anti-child for throat sprays

most effective sprays for children:

  • Geksoral is a popular throat spray for children, which can be used from the age of three, and from two years old it is prescribed by a pediatrician and under his supervision.The drug has a powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect, since it contains an antiseptic hexethidine.The medicine can quickly eliminate soreness and swelling of the throat.
  • Hexaspree can be used from the age of six, it is used for glossitis, angina, laryngitis and pharyngitis.Contains biclotimol, anise oil, benzyl alcohol.May provoke an allergic reaction.
  • Cameton is a universal purpose spray with a rich composition that can be used for various diseases of the pharynx and nasal cavity.It is prescribed from the age of five, contains active substances such as levomethanol, chlorobutanol, eucalyptus oil.Has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic properties.
  • Miramistin is very popular with parents, as this drug has a minimum of contraindications and side effects.It can be used to irrigate the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, contains the active substance benzyldimethyl and is characterized by the fact that it has only superficial activity, that is, it does not absorb tissues.Has a contraindication – atrophic pharyngitis.
  • Tantum Verde is a drug that can fight candidiasis, streptococci and staphylococci.Has anti-edematous effect and fights inflammation, reduces pain in the throat when swallowing.It is prescribed by a doctor from the age of four.
  • Oracept is a local analgesic and antiseptic.Not bad perceived by young children, but at the age of up to two years can only be used for the doctor’s prescription.Contains active substances: glycerin, softening the mucous membranes of the pharynx, and phenol, which has a powerful antiseptic and antimicrobial effect.
  • Lugol solution.Everyone who has ever had angina at least once in childhood remember well the look and taste of this substance.Iodine solution gives it not only color, but also unpleasant sharp taste and smell, because of which children are often capricious and flatly do not allow themselves to lubricate the neck with such substance.High effectiveness of the drug makes it very useful for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the throat, especially various types of tonsillitis.Now Lugol’s solution is released in the form of a special spray, which is allowed to be used for children at an age when they can arbitrarily hold their breath.The ingress of droplets of the drug into the bronchi can cause a spasm of the respiratory organs, ingestion or inhalation of the remedy in children can provoke nausea and vomiting.Contraindicated in the presence of allergies to iodine-containing drugs or for problems with the thyroid gland.
  • Inhalipt is another old, proven and well-proven tool, like Lugol.Ingalipt in the form of a spray for children is used for problems with the respiratory system.The drug has a refreshing and cooling effect due to the presence of menthol, perfectly inhibits pathogenic microflora and relieves severe inflammation.Use the product only for children over the age of three, since when spraying you need to hold your breath so that the spray has the opportunity to act on the inflamed area.
  • Angina is an effective spray based on plant material, which is approved for use by children over 3 years of age.It has high anti-inflammatory activity, it softens the throat well, helps with inflammation and irritation of the throat, accompanied by dry suffocating cough.An excellent preparation, but because of the naturalness of raw materials can trigger allergic reactions.

The choice of modern means for sore throats for children is so rich and varied that it is extremely difficult to sort out independently in this assortment, besides it can be risky.As can be seen from the listed facilities, each of them has a strict age restriction and a number of contraindications and side effects, so it is highly desirable to use these drugs in aerosols for children only after a preliminary consultation with the pediatrician.

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