Polyps of vocal cords

by Dr. Christopher Chang, last modified on 10/29/17 If you like this article, please comment below! Vocal cord cysts and polyps are painless “bumps” that develop on the vocal cords causing symptoms of a slowly progressive raspy voice. Initially, the raspiness may only occur in the high pitches characterized by onset delays (voice that starts … Read more

Aloe for the feet

Many individuals have various issues with their skin being either too dry or too oily. There are treatments and products available for almost any condition that may arise with the skin. One of these treatments is aloe vera gel. It not only soothes and speeds the healing process of burns that may be of the … Read more

Antibiotic for throat disease

Which antibiotics are most effective in angina. Recommendations otolaryngologists and physicians for the treatment of acute tonsillitis in adults and children. Content Antibiotics for acute tonsillitis in children Antibiotics for sore throat in pregnant women Angina (acute tonsillitis) refers to an infectious-allergic diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Among the agents of this the disease is … Read more

Ceftriaxone hurt

Ceftriaxone is a broad-spectrum antibiotic that is frequently administered intramuscularly (IM) in emergency medicine. However, ceftriaxone IM injections hurt — A LOT! Can we do anything to minimize the pain? Trick of the Trade Ceftriaxone for IM use can be diluted with lidocaine 1% : Ceftriaxone 250 mg vial – mix with 0.9 mL of lidocaine … Read more

Sumamed for children with angina

An infectious disease that causes severe pain when swallowing is familiar to everyone – it’s a sore throat. Very often it occurs against the backdrop of an autumnal cold and most often torments children. In addition to sore throat, lymph nodes increase with angina, weakness appears, body temperature rises. Tonsils, which, in the first place, … Read more

Flemoxin in syrup

Flemoxin may be available in the countries listed below. Ingredient matches for Flemoxin Amoxicillin Amoxicillin is reported as an ingredient of Flemoxin in the following countries: Egypt Georgia Amoxicillin trihydrate (a derivative of Amoxicillin) is reported as an ingredient of Flemoxin in the following countries: Belgium Netherlands Oman Portugal Important Notice: The Drugs.com international database … Read more

Angina can be cured without antibiotics

  In the vast majority of cases, bacterial angina can be cured without antibiotics. Moreover, doctors recommend that patients, if possible, manage with home and non-prescription drugs, and prescribe antibiotics only in cases when it is absolutely necessary. Usually, treatment of angina without antibiotics takes five to ten days, although full recovery may occur only … Read more

Angina and gv

Unlike typical angina – which is often triggered by exertion or emotional stress – Prinzmetal’s angina almost always occurs when a person is at rest, usually between midnight and early morning. These attacks can be very painful. Prinzmetal angina may also be referred to as: Variant angina Prinzmetal’s variant angina Angina inversa Prinzmetal’s angina is rare, … Read more

Rinsing with salt water

A toothache has the power to quickly ruin your day. The pain can be debilitating and can make it difficult to focus on anything else. You want relief – fast. Many patients wonder if a home remedy such as rinsing with salt water will help until they can get to the dentist. The answer depends … Read more