Miramistin from sore throats to children

One of the most common symptoms of colds in the autumn and winter is sore throat. Timely referral to a specialist will help to reliably identify the root cause of pain, and adequate modern treatment – to avoid serious complications. reasons appearance of sore throat may be: Acute tonsillitis( angina often catarrhal or lacunar) exacerbation … Read more

Cough with laryngitis treatment

formation of severe swelling of the mucous larynx, trachea and epiglottis staining of the mucosa of the larynx in a bright red color identification seal with accumulated blood appearance of pain during swallowing appearance of drycough, later complemented form sputum body temperature rise weakness organism increased dryness in the throat and the appearance hvstva sore … Read more

Lugolya during pregnancy

You are probably here because you had unprotected sex while you were still having your period. You thought it was a “safe” time, but now you are concerned about the possibility of getting pregnant. While you can get pregnant at that time, it isn’t likely. It all depends on how your cycle works. How You … Read more

Antibiotics for the throat spray

Description Our ANTIBIOTIC THROAT & BODY SPRAY FORMULA KILLS SERIOUS Life Threating INFECTIONS and is “The Cure for the FLU and the COMMON COLD “. We have blended Organic Essential Oils that kill Bacteria, Viruses, & Fungal Infections. First line of RESPIRATORY DEFENSE AGAINST EBOLA. Acts as a broncho dialator & anti- inflammatory for treating … Read more

Treatment of pharyngitis preparations

Chronic pharyngitis – an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat and pharynx, accompanied by pain, discomfort and a sore throat. Chronic pharyngitis differs from acute because it affects only one specific part of the pharynx. That allows you to treat it in a specific section of the pharynx. If a person has an … Read more

Pregnancy with tonsillitis

Tonsils are an important part of the lymphatic system and play a vital role in the overall immune system of the body. The tonsils are located between the throat and the oral cavity and play a vital role in protecting the body form infections. The tonsils become enlarged when there is some form of infection affecting … Read more

Paracetamol how to drink at a temperature

With the onset of cold days, theClaimed drugs are antipyretic agents. For a decade, paracetamol has been used to reduce colds and flu-like symptoms. Moreover, the widely advertised and used worldwide medicines Coldrex, TeraFlu, Fervex, Panadol, in its composition contain paracetamol. Pharmacology of the drug Paracetamol has antipyretic,Anesthetic and weak anti-inflammatory action. The drug acts … Read more

Oxides instruction rinse

Generic Name: stannous fluorideDosage Form: oral concentrate Disclaimer: This drug has not been found by FDA to be safe and effective, and this labeling has not been approved by FDA. For further information about unapproved drugs, click here. Active Ingredient: Stannous Fluoride 0.63% Concentrate (0.12% w/v fluoride ion). Purpose: Anticavitiy, antigingivitis, antihypersensitivity mouthrinse Indications and … Read more

Vinegar with water at a temperature of

High temperature for a long time exhausting and causes great harm to the body. The heart and blood vessels work in emergency mode, the body a lack of oxygen, quickly comes dehydration. It is fraught with cardiac and respiratory insufficiency, and the children are febrile convulsions. To avoid this, you should promptly deal with the … Read more