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Chronic pharyngitis – an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat and pharynx, accompanied by pain, discomfort and a sore throat. Chronic pharyngitis differs from acute because it affects only one specific part of the pharynx. That allows you to treat it in a specific section of the pharynx.

If a person has an exacerbation of chronic pharyngitis, without any complications in the condition, he simply needs to be treated symptomatically. That is, to maintain a sparing regimen, to take warm baths for the feet, to make warming compresses on the throat, also it is necessary to observe a diet – not to use anything acidic, salty, bitter, in general, that can lead to irritation of the mucous membrane. Usually, with simple inflammation of chronic pharyngitis, antibiotics are not needed. Enough local antimicrobial therapy. The use of inhalations for the respiratory tract, gargling will be appropriate in this case. Also, according to doctors need to stop smoking, so as not to injure the mucous thro



But if a patient has a form of inflammation that is rather complicated, he will have to undergo treatment with a doctor. Take antiviral drugs and antibiotics. It will also be necessary to take antimicrobial agents. There are a lot of them now. They are antiseptic means, anesthetics, antibiotics. Effective is the remedy Geksoral, it is low-toxic and at the same time, kills a lot of fungi and bacteria that are the causative agents of pharyngitis. It also has hemostatic effect and anesthetizes the affected areas.

To date, there are antimicrobials in the form of lollipops, rinses, inhalations and so on. The most popular are lollipops for absorption.

A preparation such as Bioparox will be very effective in the treatment of chronic pharyngitis. It is used by physicians for more than 20 years. The drug has antibacterial action and anti-inflammatory. It is produced in the form of an aerosol. The drug affects the treatment of the upper respiratory tract. Also, with its use, the treatment of pharyngitis will proceed milder and painless.

Even in the treatment of chronic pharyngitis, a doctor can prescribe a drug called Imudon. This local medicine will be much more effective than any other means, such as rinsing with alkaline solutions, inhalation. Also, its advantage is that it can be combined with all antibiotics, which will greatly enhance the cure of pharyngitis. Imudon produced in the form of pastilles, which need to dissolve.

Effective treatment of chronic pharyngitis will be in the case when the attending physician will prescribe the treatment and control the recovery.

The choice of medicines should be based on such criteria:

  • definition of antimicrobial activity.
  • determination for the presence of allergenic components in the preparation.
  • spectrum of antimicrobial activity.
  • for toxicity to the mucosa of the throat.

There are also physical methods: dirt, UHF, magnetotherapy, quartz, helium-neon laser and many others. All these methods act on the person, expanding peripheral vessels, strengthen the nutrition of tissues, redistribute current and lymph, stimulate the oxidation-reduction process.

If the patient has pharyngitis provoked by a disease in the intestine, for him, such treatment as microbiocenosis of the pharynx and intestine is used. For this treatment, you need to simultaneously take trypsin, lysozyme, Lugol’s solution and at the same time apply drugs to correct intestinal dysbiosis.

Also for a person suffering from pharyngitis, the hardening procedures and other physical exercises are useful for raising the immunity.

The effectiveness of your treatment will depend on the choice of medicines.

But know that before you start treating chronic pharyngitis, you should find out the reason why the disease may occur. Perhaps a person is sick with intestinal-gastric, or diseases of any other organs. And for a complete cure it is necessary to deal with the health of organs involved in inflammation.

In this article you’ll learn about the distinctive signs of pharyngitis, its perpetrators, the means of treatment and other recommendations, helps to quickly remove the unpleasant symptoms of the disease.

General information about the disease

In Latin diagnosis sounds like «pharyngitis».This inflamed pharyngeal mucosa and lymphoid tissue located underneath.The disease is sometimes confused with other inflammatory processes, such as laryngitis.But laryngitis inflammation occurs that affects the vocal cords and larynx.Here’s how to distinguish diseases: laryngitis for characteristic changes in voice (hoarseness, hoarseness or complete loss of voice).When pharyngitis, patients suffer more severe pain, especially when swallowing bothers.Observe and symptoms similar to angina, in which marked inflammation of the tonsils.Contribute to the development of the disease that’s what factors: the inhalation of cold air (or contaminated dust, irritating gases), ethyl alcohol and tobacco smoke, hypothermia, the u

se of cold drinks and foods..But the main culprits doctors believe a viral infection (rhinovirus, cytomegalovirus, adenovirus, influenza virus. Pharyngitis manifests itself as an independent pathology, but most often it is the companion of SARS. Provoke disease organisms – streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci, mycoplasma, fungi genus Candida. Sometimesinfection “creeps” from other neighboring foci of inflammation, resulting in rhinitis, sinusitis and even tooth decay. Class A pharyngitis acute and chronic. When aggressive pathogen affects the lining of the throat, then develops an acute form. If the disease is treated promptly, it will pass quickly. Thenedolechivaniya case later pharyngitis may be periodically repeated and becomes chronic. Then alternate periods of remission (remission) and exacerbation of disease.

Types of acute pharyngitis are:

  • bacterial;
  • traumatic;
  • allergic;
  • virus;
  • fungal.

distinctive symptoms

As a rule, patients can be heard from the complaints of dryness in the throat, a constant sore, discomfort and pain, worse when swallowing saliva and food consumption.Sometimes the pain gives (ie radiates) to the ears.The doctor sometimes feels swollen lymph nodes in the neck.There is weakness, lose their appetite.The temperature normally does not rise more than 38 ° C mark.Exhausting dry, nonproductive cough.And only a few days when there is sputum expectoration.The diagnosis is confirmed after the ENT doctor pharyngoscope noting redness of the throat, looseness, sometimes ulcerated tissue.

Basic principles of treatment

So, the diagnosis is made, if the process proceeds in the form of light or srednetyazhёloy, the doctor will give the necessary advice and send the patient home for further treatment.Meals should be gentle, warm but not too hot or cold.Brew yourself a vitamin and tonic teas, adding to the fruits of mountain ash, wild rose.Make fruit drinks cranberry, sea buckthorn, currant.Useful for the preparation of pre-frozen fruit drinks summer berries.They help the body to quickly deal with the infection, give forces.Cook compote nasushennyh apple slices, dried apricots, raisins.To rinse suit infusions herbs (marigold, sage, eucalyptus).You can use an antiseptic chlorhexidine or soda solution.Improve the state of the throat and gargle warm solution, which added pharmaceutical drug Rotokan.It contains flowers of yarrow, chamomile and calendula.These plants have a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory action, purify the throat mucus, scabs, destroy microbes.Do not forget about hlorofilliptom consisting of extractable components of eucalyptus.The packaging of this product you will find a convenient nozzle allowing well to irrigate his throat.At the same time buy in a pharmacy Lugol to lubricate his throat twice a day.The procedure is not pleasant, but effective.On a spatula or a wooden stick wound sterile cotton wool dipped in scented solution.Then gently smeared sip.

if pharyngitis is caused by bacteria, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics, such Amoxiclav, Amoksin, Cephalexin, Azithromycin.In the presence of viruses in the body is prescribed antiviral drugs, among them the well-proven Ingavirin, as well as more well-known and long-used Rimantadine, Anaferon, Arbidol.You can resort to homeopathic Aflubin.I note that the earlier start treatment with these agents, the faster you will leave illness.

At the first sign to stop the inflammatory process will help pastilles, lozenges and pills for local dispersal, for example, Septolete, Faringosept, Strepsils, Adzhisept, Geksaliz, Lizobakt, Suprema, ENT, Grammidin Neo.Some tickling and bouts of dry cough helps to remove Falimint.

Sprays for local infection control: Geksoral, Ingalipt, Kameton, Bioparox, Givalex.Aerosol particles of these drugs to penetrate deeper into the respiratory tract and inflammation of the centers.

to strengthen the immune system is useful to take into Immunal herbal preparation containing echinacea.It tones the body Eleutherococcus extract or other natural biostimulants.

errors in the treatment of

local antiseptics (chlorhexidine or Chlorophyllipt) Use only outwardly, do not drink them inside!Some people instead of Lugol iodine solution to acquire alcohol, say, alcohol destroys microbes.This opinion is wrong.Such a solution is quickly washed away with the pharynx.The second negative point – is that alcohol will contribute even more irritation of the throat, worsening pain.Lugol also placed on softening glycerin, the solvent forms plyonochku soft on the throat and the active substance is iodine in it persists longer.

MirSovetov again cautions readers that prior to use of drugs is necessary to carefully read the attached instructions, because drugs have contraindications and dosing regimen.

Folk remedies

addition to frequent rinsing healing herbal infusions, teas will have a beneficial effect from the leaves of raspberry or lime flowers, regularly taken by mouth.Do not forget inhalation with essential oils (eg, myrtle, sage, lavender).When there was phlegm when you cough, you can brew yourself herb thyme or oregano.Or ingest eucalyptus tincture, adult enough to use it three times a day, otkapyvaya 20 drops in a little warm water.This contributes to a better separation and purification of the throat mucus.With frequent inflammatory diseases, if you feel unwell, the first symptoms of sore throat, then at night you can drink mulled wine, made from the infusion of spices (cloves, allspice, ginger) and red wine.Have a hot drink and immediately go to bed, warm sheltered.

a tendency to all kinds of inflammation of the larynx, pharynx, tonsils, try to dress warmly in bad weather, not supercool, strengthen the immune system.Then turn on your body’s own protective function and warn infectious processes.Let your diet is rich in vitamins contained in herbs, berries, fruits and vegetables.Be sure to promptly cure foci of infection in the body, so that the disease does not become chronic form.

Acute pharyngitis is an inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa. In the vast majority of cases, it is not an independent disease, but a symptom of an acute respiratory viral infection. Thus, in the vast majority of cases, pharyngitis is viral in nature. This determines the specificity of the selection of drugs for the treatment of pharyngitis in pregnant women.

How dangerous is pharyngitis in pregnancy? In the first trimester, viral infections can provoke abortion, and in later terms there is a risk of premature birth and hypoxia of the fetus. Long-term temperature increase and the action of toxins are also not indifferent to the body of a pregnant woman. The main symptom of acute pharyngitis is pain, soreness, or burning in the throat. These sensations usually increase with swallowing. In addition, there are changes in the voice( hoarseness), an increase in cervical lymph nodes, and stuffiness of the ears. The increase in body temperature depends on the cause that caused pharyngitis, on the whole it is

not an obligatory symptom.

Preparations for the treatment of pharyngitis in pregnant women

The selection of drugs for the treatment of pharyngitis in pregnant women is not always a simple task, which is associated with the inadmissibility of using a number of drugs. For example, the course of a viral infection that caused the appearance of pharyngitis can facilitate antiviral drugs. However, in pregnancy, virtually all drugs in this group are contraindicated.

Antimicrobial treatment is also used regularly with pharyngitis. The systemic use of antimicrobials in the treatment of pharyngitis during pregnancy is very limited. And this is due not only to the toxicity of antibiotics for the mother and fetus. The fact is that they do not act on the main pathogens of the disease, viruses. Unfortunately, to date, antibiotics for pharyngitis are appointed unjustifiably often, without bringing a therapeutic effect and provoking the emergence of resistant bacteria to them. There is only one indication for their systemic application – when pharyngitis causes beta-hemolytic streptococcus. This is a dangerous microorganism, and the doctor, after weighing the ratio of benefit and risk, prescribe pregnant antibacterial drugs for the treatment of pharyngitis.

Over time, bacterial infection also joins the inflammation caused by viruses. To suppress it, there is enough local influence, therefore some of the main drugs for pharyngitis in pregnant women are local antiseptics. On the shelves of pharmacies you can find a huge number of these drugs: in the form of aerosols, candies, troches, resorption tablets and rinsing liquids. However, despite their seeming relative safety, they can be chosen only after consulting a doctor. The use of some of them, for example, Falimint, is contraindicated in pregnancy, and many are prescribed with caution.

Antibiotics( gramicidin C, fusafungin), antiseptics( chlorhexidine, thymol and many others), sulfonamides, painkillers( lidocaine), bacterial lysates, and even vitamins may be part of the local antimicrobial preparations. This allows you to choose the drug, based on individual needs.

If pharyngitis is accompanied by a fever, then after consulting a doctor, you can refer to antipyretic drugs, for example, paracetamol.

For the suppression of inflammation in the throat are used and herbal preparations. In the form of inhalations, many decoctions of plants and essential oils are used.

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