Why does my throat ache when swallowing

Ask yourself why it hurts your throat,It is necessary to everyone. This phenomenon is familiar to both small and adult patients. And the reasons for its appearance can actually be much more than you can imagine. In some cases, they even represent a real danger to health.

Why does my throat hurt not only with colds?

Cold is the first thing that comes to mind whenMention of pain in the throat. Many people believe that this is the only possible reason for the appearance of uncomfortable painful sensations in the throat and larynx. But this is not so. Simply with viral and bacterial lesions, this symptom occurs most often. It is accompanied, as a rule, by the deterioration of general health, the reddening of the throat, sometimes by the formation of white sores and pustules on the mucous membrane, an increase in temperature, an abundant rhinitis and a strong cough.

But that’s why the throat can often hurt:

  1. Laryngitis can cause unpleasant sensations. A symptom characteristic of an ailment is a very strong barking cough.
  2. The fact that many smokers suffer from coughing, allKnow. But few know that against the background of bad habits – it also includes alcohol abuse – some people have a sore throat.
  3. A possible reason, why can it hurt for a long time?Throat, – venereal diseases, such as gonorrhea or chlamydia. Because of them soreness usually disturbs in the larynx, and it arises when swallowing.
  4. One of the most dangerous and unpleasant causes is cancerThroat or oral cavity. The pain with these ailments is very strong. Fortunately, in most cases the tumors are either benign, or safely removed.
  5. Sometimes the pain can also appear against the background of severe chronic fatigue.
  6. Often the pain develops with stomatitis, gingivitis or other complex dental diseases.
  7. Some patients suffer from allergies.
  8. It also happens that the pain in the throat accompanies the diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Why does my throat hurt only at night or only in the morning?

Pain, which occurs only at certain times of the day, and then passes, is often neglected. But it’s important to remember that it just never hurts anything.

Often the cause of night soreness isToo dry air in the room. On the mucous in this case, a crust is formed which, during breathing, scratches the walls and causes irritation. In addition, people suffer during the night, who, due to their professional activities, talk very much during the day.


Tip 1: Why does my throat itch

Once in the human body getsinfection, he begins to give signals, warning the owner of the impending danger. Quite often, a symptom of an early illness is a sore throat. To understand the true reason why throat itching, it is necessary to visit an experienced doctor.

In most cases, a sore throataccompanied by pain, cough, runny nose and fever. This means that a certain respiratory infection has caused inflammation in the pharynx. The otolaryngologist can help to cope with this. Also

throat can itch after the illness. In particular, this unpleasant sensation occurs after a flu or cold, when pharyngitis, tonsillitis or tonsillitis develop. Among other things, you may experience a slight pain when swallowing. Often

throat It itches even in the absence of high temperature. In this case we are talking about chronic pharyngitis. To get rid of persecution, it is enough to strengthen your body as a whole. So, for example, an excellent remedy is rinsing the throat with solutions and infusions of chamomile and sage, resorption of special tablets (Strepsils, Minton, Septotelet, Pharyngosept), etc. If you want to

throat ceased to itch, give up cigarettes,alcohol, salty and spicy food. All these products irritate the mucous membrane, causing perspiration. Do not forget to drink a lot of fluids: tea, juice, mors, herbal settings and other. In addition, the sore throat can be associated with various pathologies of the thyroid gland, gastrointestinal tract, autonomic nervous system and cervical spine. In this case, you can also feel the presence of some foreign object in the throat. This condition is called pharyngopathy. To cope with it you can only ask for help from specialists (endocrinologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, etc.). Take care of your health. Otherwise, perspiration in the throat can develop into more serious problems associated with the lower respiratory tract. Under the impact may be bronchi, trachea, lungs and other organs.

Tip 2: Sore throat can be a symptom of many diseases

Persecution in the throat is an extremely unpleasant symptom,Which usually begins unexpectedly and abruptly, sometimes accompanied by a cough. The reasons for the occurrence of persecution can be many, and some are quite serious. Therefore, in any case, do not postpone visiting a doctor. The sooner the cause of the unpleasant symptom becomes clear, the sooner it will be possible to get rid of it.

About throat swelling

Persistence is a protective reactionMucous membrane of the throat, is often a sign of inflammation. Most often, this process is based on an infectious disease. Always pay attention to the attendant symptoms. If the perspiration in the throat is accompanied by a cough, a runny nose, an increase in temperature, a pain in the muscles, it is perfectly clear that its cause was an infection. In this case, it is better to call the doctor on duty at once and take a hospital certificate or a certificate. Determine the true cause of such an unpleasant symptom can only a doctor-otolaryngologist. Therefore, if the perspiration in the throat excruciates for a long time and is not associated with seasonal epidemics of the common cold and flu, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

Causes of Persecution in the Throat

Most often, perspiration in the throatchronic or acute pharyngitis, nasopharyngitis, SARS. It is very important to diagnose the disease in a timely and correct way, as the infection can drop lower, into the bronchi, trachea, lungs. And then it will be much harder to cope with it. But not always infectious diseases are the cause of the sore throat. It can also be a manifestation of an allergic reaction. Especially if the patient has an increased sensitivity to dust, pollen. Or perspiration can be a sign of pharyngeal neurosis. The most common at the heart of this disease are neuropsychic disorders. But often a brain tumor or even syphilis. Neurosis of the pharynx can also accompany such symptoms: hypersensitivity of this zone, anesthesia of the mucous membrane of the pharynx, an unceasing sensation of a “coma in the throat”, pressure, pain sensations that are reflected in the larynx, tongue, ear. Also, the condition of the throat can be strongly influenced by professional conditions. For example, when working in a dusty environment, with a constant voice load, there may easily be a swelling in the throat. Another reason for the unpleasant symptom may be reflux gastroesophagitis. This disease, associated with a violation of the closure function of the lower esophageal sphincter. It manifests itself in the fact that the acid content of the stomach is thrown into the esophagus, and as a result, the mucous membrane becomes irritated. There are pain and burning along the entire esophagus, and also there is a tickling in the throat. Also, nodular thyroid gland formations can provoke an unpleasant symptom, if they are large enough and located so that they press on the trachea. This can also manifest itself in the change of voice, a decrease in appetite, the appearance of weakness.

Tip 3: Why does my throat ache when swallowing?

Sore throat can deliver a lot of unpleasant sensations. However, before starting treatment, it is necessary to understand the cause of this pain. In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Causes of sore throat

If it becomes painful to swallow, it is better to turn tothe doctor. Most often, such pain is a consequence of the effects of bacteria and viruses, which are actively developing in angina. Inflammation of the throat can be accompanied by high fever and inflammation of the lymph nodes. Angina in turn can have complications, often called paratonzillar abscess. The pain in this condition is particularly acute. The patient may have weakness, headache, high fever. If the pain is small, it may indicate inflammation of the larynx or mucous membrane. If the throat pershit, and there are unpleasant sensations, these are the most frequent signs of pharyngitis. Almost always acute respiratory disease and acute respiratory viral infection are accompanied by diseases of the throat. It is worth remembering that the symptoms with sore throats are very similar in different diseases, in addition they can be combined with each other. Therefore, it is often impossible to determine the cause of the pain that occurs when swallowing without the help of a doctor. Scarlet, pertussis, measles – all these typical childhood diseases are also often accompanied by pain in the upper respiratory tract. The swallowing pain is caused by a number of other diseases. These can be: • Pollution. Respiratory tract can irritate alcohol, tobacco smoke, general air pollution. As a consequence, there is perspiration, coughing. • Allergies. • Infectious diseases. Nasal congestion is almost always accompanied by a throat disease • Dry air. Insufficiently moist air can cause perspiration in the throat and dryness, especially in the mornings. • Neoplasms and tumors in the tongue, in the larynx and in the throat. All this can make breathing difficult and, as a result, cause very unpleasant sensations when swallowing. The pain in the throat when swallowing is better not to treat yourself. Now, of course, in pharmacies you can find many drugs. Self-treatment of the sore throat can only do harm, and a small inflammation will develop into a disease with complications. The thing is that only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis knowing all the symptoms. He will determine not only the cause of sore throat, but also the form and nature of the disease, the degree of its severity. The medicament chosen at its discretion can only provide temporary relief, without eliminating the very cause of the pain. When choosing any medicine, it is also necessary to take into account contraindications, which the doctor simply must know.

Sore throat: complications

Often, we do not pay enough attention to the patientThroat and we address to the doctor only in the most emergency situation. It should be remembered that complications can be much more dangerous. ORVI or ARI was sick by a practical person. Sore throat with these diseases can develop into pneumonia with insufficient treatment. After suffering ARVI, many suffer from bronchitis. It can appear not immediately, but also is a consequence of not treated throat. Even the lightest sore throat can develop into the most dangerous complications. This disease is especially dangerous for the heart.

Tip 4: How to teach a child to gargle

Throat rinses are one of the methodsTreatment of tonsillitis. Irrigated mucous membranes with medicinal solutions, you kill pathogenic bacteria, relieve inflammation. Children need to learn how to rinse throat patiently and in a playful form.


Start by rinsing your mouth. The child is accustomed to swallow the water that gets to him in the mouth, but if you show how you can release trickles of water, then the kid is necessarily interested and will try to repeat. Explain to the child that rinsing your mouth after eating is necessary so that your teeth do not hurt.

First, accustom it to the fact that throat Should be cleaned – try to water the mucous membranes fromspray or a small medical pear. Tilt the baby over the bathtub (to drain the water from the mouth downwards), ask to open your mouth and water the cavity with plain water, trying to turn the instrument so that the water reaches the tonsils. If child there is no vomitive reflex, the procedure does notWill give him special discomfort, and gradually it will be possible to go directly to an independent gargling of the throat. If the baby reflexively squeezes the pharynx, then this method is best not to use – try to rinse throat immediately, standing, throwing his head back.

Start Teaching child rinse throat pure boiled water, because even if it swallows a bit, it will not be scary. Gradually, when the baby learns to control his movements, you can try to rinse throat Therapeutic solutions, which are undesirable to swallow.

Tell the child a fairy tale about how the cockerel choked on a bean seed. Show how the cockerel tries to pull the seed, typing in the mouth of the water and pounding it. The first time at child nothing will work, but if you train every day, then gradually he will understand how you can gurgle with water.

Use different games to show the child how to rinse the neck, why it is important and necessary. Show on dolls and toys, how to treat throat, Dramatize the diseases of various characters, play doctor. Rinse throat Themselves, showing the child an example. Bring the rest of the family to it – let the father, grandmother or grandfather take turns showing how to perform the procedure. Do not forget to ask the baby to say the letter “a” and stretch it out as long as possible during the rinse. Repeat with him so that the child does not get distracted, otherwise he may choke and get scared that will fix the negative attitude towards rinsing.

Tip 5: Why can my throat hurt?

Perhaps there is nothing more unpleasant than the banal pain in the throat that you found, as soon as you woke up. The causes of the appearance of pain in the throat are many, and not all of them are associated with a cold.

Before you start treatment and see a doctor,make sure that neither excessively dry air, allergic reactions to pollen, pet animals or even chemicals contained in the ambient air, can not be the cause of your anguish. Remember that the throat can be irritated because of too spicy or acidic foods taken on the eve, hypothermia, taking medications.

Cigarette smoke can cause stenosis in the passive smoker – the laryngeal edema, which is expressed by severe pain in the throat and – rarely – by attacks of a hard cough.

Common causes

Unfortunately, the main reason for overtaking youThe problem, as a rule, is a cold or pharyngitis, one of the main symptoms of which is the inflammatory process that appears on the pharyngeal wall and is caused by viruses and bacteria. Not everyone knows that ordinary pain can be just a sign of many serious illnesses that require examination by a doctor. Angina, tonsillitis, acute laryngitis, inflamed tonsils – all these diseases are accompanied by pain and classic hoarseness. With the infectious nature of the diseases of the throat, there is also a runny nose, a typical cough, a chill, a headache; If such a symptomatology is caused by a viral infection, the unpleasant sensations are not clearly manifested, according to the increasing. Infections for which such manifestations are typical are: – flu, – monokulez, – measles, – chickenpox or simply chickenpox. But contrary to popular belief, a growing wisdom tooth can not cause sore throat, these processes are not interconnected. When the tooth begins to grow, the gum reacts first, next to the standing teeth, the nerve can also be affected, but the throat does not suffer.

Non-infectious pathologies

There are a number of other causes of throat diseases,Not associated with all known diseases. As a rule, among them it is customary to allocate mechanical damage to the larynx and pharynx, muscle strain, ingestion of vomit or gastric juice on the walls of the throat. To cause pain in the throat, diseases that seem to be not related to the organ under discussion are also possible, these are: – thyroid disease, – osteochondrosis, – angina, – myocardial infarction, – all sorts of diseases of the endocrine system, blood. In addition, strong pain sensations are capable of provoking bacteria and viruses that transmit sexual diseases, such as syphilis, chlamydia, immunodeficiency diseases associated with mucosal lesions.

Deficiency or even an excess of certain vitamins, for example, vitamin C, can also provoke unpleasant sensations in the throat.

Waking up with a sore throatResponsibly treat your state of health, try to find out all the reasons, logical connections, additional symptoms and, of course, contact a competent specialist.

Tip 6: How to reduce sore throat

The causes of pain in the throat can be many,such as a cold or overstraining of ligaments. Regardless of why you have a sore throat, you need to fight this pain. However, there is no need to contact doctors immediately. In some cases, you can get rid of the pain in your throat yourself.


One of the most effective drugs fromsore throats are anti-inflammatory drugs. Such medications should be in every home medicine cabinet. Anti-inflammatory tablets have the effect of anesthesia, relieve inflammation, and also reduce edema, often accompanying severe pain.

If the cause of sore throat is bacterialyour doctor may prescribe you special antibiotics. They will help you get rid of the pain pretty quickly. However, taking antibiotics for pain caused by viruses is practically useless.

A good way to reduce the swelling of the throat andget rid of mucus, bacteria and other irritants is a daily rinse of the throat with warm, salt water. To make a solution, dilute a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. If the taste of salt is unpleasant to you, you can sweeten the water with a small amount of honey. Water, which you rinse your throat, you must spit, do not swallow it at all.

To reduce the pain in the throat, sometimesNecessary to keep the humidity. For this, you can use lollipops, they stimulate increased salivation. Choose these tools carefully, many of them are no different from ordinary candy candies and do not have therapeutic effect. Try to choose lollipops with a taste of menthol or eucalyptus. The same effect is possessed by various sprays for the throat, they contain various antiseptics that help to dull the pain for a while.

If you have a sore throat, do not allowDehydration of the body. Drink enough water to keep your mucous membranes moist and allow the body more opportunities to fight bacteria, allergens and other irritants causing colds. Drink also herbal teas, they help very quickly relieve the pain in the throat. In addition, tea contains antioxidants, which help to strengthen immunity and fight infection more effectively.

A rather effective means of combating pain in theThe throat is chicken soup. Sodium contained in this broth also has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, with sore throats, the ingestion of broths is easier given than the consumption of solid foods that cause acute pain when swallowed.

To fight infections that cause pain inThroat, you need to give enough time to rest. In the vast majority of cases, diseases such as angina are caused by viruses. It is not possible to cure such diseases quickly, so let your body gain strength to fight them.


It often happens that a person for quite a long time is tormented by the same problem. And to cope with it simply does not work. For example, the throat hurts constantly. Reasons, as well as ways to get rid of the problem are described in this article.

Main reasons

Initially, it is necessary to understand why it can be so. If the throat hurts constantly, the reasons can be the following:

  • The action of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria.
  • The action of an irritant inhabiting the external environment. This can be cigarette smoke, the use of cold drinks, etc.
  • Injury to the throat.
  • Psychological factors. Often, diseases and problems with the body are far-fetched. For example, a child may have a sore throat if the baby does not want to go to a kindergarten or school.

But still the cause of the pain is mainly a variety of diseases, which cause such an unpleasant symptom.

Very often, persistent sore throat is caused by sore throat. This is an infectious disease, in which the pain in the throat is very strong, often in the ear and neck, inflamed palatine tonsils (the disease is also called acute tonsillitis). There can be plaque on the tonsils. However, it is observed only in the case of purulent sore throat. In case of viral illness, there is no plaque on the tonsils. However, the tonsils are in any case inflamed and have the shape of small rounded balls. In this case, you can get rid of the problem with the help of medicines. For rinses it is best to use antibacterial agents “Rivanol”, “Furacilin”. Tablets for resorption, which are designed to relieve the pain in the throat – “Falimint”, “Strepsils.” Also, sprays for the throat “Yoks”, “Oracept”.

In this case, the sore throat becomes red, its mucous membrane becomes inflamed. Painful sensations in this case are not too strong, but they are often accompanied by a perspiration. During the adoption of warm food or hot liquids, the symptoms may disappear altogether or be washed away as much as possible. However, after a while they come back again. Also, with acute pharyngitis, discolored mucus may collect on the back wall of the larynx, which provokes a cough. The treatment is local, that is, the actual use of tablets from pain in the throat, for example, “Strepsils”, sprays “Ingalipt” or “Cameton”. Always rinse with antiseptic drugs, such as “Iodinol” or “Furacilin”.

Chronic diseases

Very often constant pain is provoked by chronic diseases of the throat, that is, tonsillitis or pharyngitis in neglected form. Symptomatics is not as vividly manifested, but is present for a relatively long time.

Allergic reactions

If a person has a sore throat all the time, the reasons can be hidden in the allergic reaction of the body to a certain stimulus. With this problem, in addition to sore throat, there may also be a laryngeal edema, tearing occurs, and sometimes a runny nose. Allergen can be dust, pollen of plants, animal hair or food. In this case, the pain in the throat will pass if isolated from the action of the allergen. You can also take such antiallergic drugs as “L-Cet”, “Cetrin”.

Dryness of air

If a person has a sore throat in the morning, the cause may be dry air in the room. Lack of moisture easily irritates the mucous membranes, which provokes pain. Also it should be noted that dry air is an excellent place for the propagation of viruses and bacteria, which are easier to penetrate into the mouth of a person. So if you have a sore throat in the morning, you need to think about moistening the room. This can be done either with the help of special devices – humidifiers, or by regular wet cleaning and more frequent ventilation of the room.

If the throat hurts constantly, the reasons can hide in tumors. Most often they are localized in the larynx. They cause constant pain, which in time can grow. It becomes painful not only to eat, but even to speak. Can change the voice. In this case, it is best to detect the problem as early as possible. After all, in this case it will be much easier and faster to manage it.

Little about children

If a child has a sore throat, there may be several reasons for this:

  • Disease, which just emerged and develops.
  • Consequences of the transferred disease.
  • Psychological factor, when the pain is far-fetched and is an excuse not to perform certain actions. In this case, unpleasant sensations can really arise, but they pass by themselves, after a certain time. The use of drugs in this case is often not required.

If we talk about children, then I would like to note that even with the slightest problems it is necessary to apply for a doctor’s help. After all, it is best to detect the problem at an early stage, when it can be quickly coped with in a short time. Children are appointed “Grammidine”, “Lizobakt”, “Tandum Verde”.

Causes of non-infectious nature

Not only the sore throat can cause uncomfortable sensations. So, pains arise without the presence of any kind of infection. In this case, the reasons may be:

  • Loads on the vocal cords. This is often observed in singers, teachers, as well as children who cry a lot.
  • Prolonged load on the oropharynx. This is observed in the case of frequent oral caresses, as well as a prolonged stay in the mouth of a large object.
  • Lesions of the larynx. Most often the throat is injured by fish bones, bread crumbs, sharp metal objects (for example, forks).
  • External traumatization of the throat, which causes constant pain. This may be due to prolonged squeezing or impact.
  • A burn of the mucous membrane, which can be when consuming too hot liquid or during the inhalation of steam.
  • Pain sensations in the throat for a long time can persist in the postoperative period (for example, after the removal of tonsils or dissection of the abscess).
  • Irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat due to taking certain medications.
  • To cause sore throat can also deficiency of vitamins of groups A, C and B.

It is important to note that if the pain is non-infectious nature, it will not intensify when swallowing or during a conversation. In this case, to get rid of the problem lollipops suitable for resorption, for example, “Septotelet”, or even simple mint candies.

Diseases that are not associated with throat diseases

Also it should be noted that a variety of diseases can cause pain in the throat, which are not connected with this organ. So, for example, the throat can be irritated with gastro-food reflux. In this case, the contents of the stomach can be ejected into the esophagus, resulting in its irritation with gastric juice.

Also it is necessary to tell about the Eagle syndrome, when the anatomical feature of the human pharynx becomes the cause. In this case, the patient has an excessively long ankylosing process. As a result, irritation of the nerve endings occurs, which causes constant pain.

Also, discomfort in this body can occur as a result of vegetovascular dystonia, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, with neuralgia.


The activity of consuming food is one of the most main and definitely do all living creatures. Especially for a man to meet the body’s needs for nutrients and other essential substances so that the body functions to keep it running properly. From the fact that we can make sure the process of chewing and swallowing food is a process that repeatedly we do every day without us knowing and never did we count them.

The average person swallows about 50 times per minute. Unless You are experiencing a sore throat when swallowing. Then you will instantly realize how simple processes such as swallowing, for example, need the extra power, even if swallowed it’s something very simple such as salivary Your own.

Symptoms a sore throat is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor, even the symptoms of this ranking on top of the other illnesses classified as severe disease such as high blood pressure, back problems, and rashes.

Why Does My Throat Hurt When I Swallow?

Causes of a sore throat can vary and the symptoms of a sore throat can come on suddenly and last for several days. Even if already entered in the chronic stage can last for weeks and even months.


An upper respiratory tract infection (ARI) are caused by viruses -such as colds a cough – is the cause of most sore throat is the most common acute. Usually, You will feel irritated throat, feel the heat or pain along with a fever and nasal congestion. Then other symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, and runny nose (the discharge) will follow.

Some of this virus can even directly attack the throat, resulting in the formation of scabs small layer of pharynx soft above the surface of the tonsils. A result of this virus can later trigger a burning sensation or hot even when you’re not using your throat to swallow. When used for the swallow will certainly feel more pain.

Flu (Influenza)

A sore throat is not the main symptoms caused by the influenza virus, but can still appear along with the other flu. Fever and excessive coughing can irritate the throat and cause throat hurt.

Maybe we will confuse the common cold and influenza because both have similar symptoms and are equally caused by a virus. However there is one difference that we can notice, the common cold usually come on gradually and lightly, while influenza a tends to be sudden and much more severe.

Bacterial Infections

Causes of a sore throat the next is a bacterial infection, in medical terms known as strep throat or tonsillitis, this condition can be very severe. Strep throat or throat hurt caused by streptococcus bacteria this percentage is only about 10 percent of the disease often times lead to complaints of a severe throat hurt in adults. The rest of the most because of the virus like the two conditions mentioned earlier.


Mononucleosis, or commonly called mono, is known as a disease arising from the activity of kissing that’s why it is also called ‘kissing disease‘. A term that can’t be blamed because this disease is indeed transmitted through saliva. This is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and occurs most often in their young children.

Mononucleosis sometimes is difficult to diagnose because it can occur quickly or gradually. Symptoms generally include a sore throat, fever, significant fatigue, and swollen neck and armpit glands. The symptoms can fluctuate (up and down) and can last several weeks to months. If the symptoms mentioned are felt immediately talk to your doctor to find out what is actually happening.


Causes of a sore throat the next is an allergy that is usually caused by substances allergens such as pollen, dust, or dandruff which causes symptoms like -watery eyes, sneezing and runny nose. The symptoms that you feel further from the idea that all of that discomfort on the throat.

Usually, the taste that You are suffering is to an itching or tickling instead of pain as in the conditions previously described. The symptoms will become worse again if the seasons which often be the cause of the recurrence of the allergies have arrived.

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease

Laryngopharyngeal reflux or LPR, similar to reflux disease gastroesophageal (GERD), the difference between Laryngopharyngeal reflux disease also affect the throat. Also known as “silent reflux“, because often do not cause typical symptoms, such as heartburn or burning sensation in the chest.

Throat Cancer

Without you realize cancer can grow in the upper throat, throat, or vocal cords. This case can occur in people in the age range of the 40s, but generally more often found in men aged 50s, 60s, and 70s. Cancer is usually associated with the habit of smoking or drinking.

Throat hurt often arise as a result of these tumors usually take place in a long time, a hoarse voice that does not improve in 2 weeks, difficult to swallow food or saliva, weight loss, difficult breathing, or coughing up blood.


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